Mosaic abstract, stained glass and agate

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12 x 12 mosaic

I love the addition of the agate piece!


Acrylic, Wolf

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6 X 6 inches, acrylic wolf original

Painted boxes

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I painted these with acrylics on wooden boxes.

Meditation practice

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I wanted to share my experience recently. It might help those of you who have a hard time in large gatherings.  I attended a funeral of someone who committed suicide. Which would normally would cause me a lot of problems beyond just “typical” grief. (Whatever that means.). The overwhelming feelings of others, all that, that I tend to pick up on being emotionally…sensitive.

Prior to this event I’ve been practicing a meditation where I picture my inhale of breath as the ocean pulling away from shore, and my exhale as the wave crashing onto the sand. The sound is similar, and it grounds me.

At this funeral I was seated in an upper balcony at a large church. I practiced my meditation, picturing my breath and the core of the wave starting in my chest and sweeping over me and out of my body. It carried everyone’s grief out and away with each breath. I used the image to wash everyone in the service with color, with calm, with peace, with a shared feeling of love for this person we lost. Sometimes it looked like water, sometimes it looked like ribbons of silk. Every time I felt the darkness invading me, I would refocus my breath and send my good energy out.

I did it the entire service, and in the reception area outside afterwards. And I sit here after, not completely drained, actually feeling like my love and empathy helped others without words. I am tired, but not in a way that I would have been at this sort of event a year ago.

I decided to draw it, the best I could.  Maybe it will help you too!

Favorites on the new mosaic

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I always spend some time observing a big piece like this, and evaluating.  It helps to celebrate what works!

For example, I love the pattern around the sand, and how the cuts form almost moving lines on the ray’s body.

I love how the dichroic glass worked on the puffer’s eye.  They have that effect in their eyes in real life.

I love how the sunlight shows off the glass, like the iridescence in my other puffer.

I love my commissioned eye piece from Firechilde glass.  I have always wanted a piece of Jerilyn’s work, and now I see it everyday!

I also am happy I got to use my own borosilicate glass from her class many years ago.  They were supposed to be flowers, but I think they make great sea creatures!

I also love how the sun shows off the various glass textures.  The transparent blues in the center, how they have bubbles and ripples.


The iridescent glow that shows up here and there as you walk around the piece.

I love the transparent glass, and how it has a glow effect with the white mortar underneath.

How it changes mood depending on the lighting.

This is what I chose for the top.  I like the way it looks like sea foam.

I also made changes to some grout lines.  I never liked this light section.  I felt my eye “catch” on it every time I looked at it.  So I ground it out and re-grouted it dark.  Now it flows. (This is ground out.)


It just flows better.  I am probably the only one who saw it.

I had to play with grout to get these lines to intersect properly.  I finally got the light crossing over the dark where it looks good from a distance.  This photo is while I was working it.



I’m very happy how the dark grout delineates the anemone “arms”.

I wish the jelly’s underside was a little more delineated.  Some things I can’t change.

I played with these grout lines a lot too.

Overall, I am very satisfied.  Much of this is nitpicking.




Second section FINISHED!

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The knees pay, my friends…I had a pad down, but it doesn’t do everything…


I had made these little “sea creatures” out of borosilicate glass many years ago in a class.  They were supposed to be flowers but I like the way they look like critters.


This fish has an eye made by that instructor out of borosilicate glass!  It was cool to commission another artist to add to my work!

The light changing really shows off some of the iridescent glass.

The next several days, I will be cleaning grout, and touching up edges (I feel like the lines of the grout are an important design element.)  Then I will take a little break from it and soon start the final section.  That one will have an octopus!

New venture: Vendor 5

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An artist friend, Andie, and I have rented four shelves at a nearby gift center.

Introducing Vendor 5!

We have just started putting inventory down there, so it will fill and change as we create.

Where is this store???  Arizona Gift Center, we are at the Apache Junction, Arizona  location.

What we have right now:

Various kinds of wrap bracelets.

Various kinds of natural stone bracelets.

Handmade cards.


Fused glass pendants.

Andie is a published author.  We also have her coloring books available for purchase onsite!

The inventory will grow and change.  It is super exciting to have this new venue!
Like our page on Facebook, Vendor 5!  Look for our sign as the profile picture!