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I thought this was a good visual representation of hope.


Mosaic flowers in the garden

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I am about to start another big mosaic project.  So I am practicing.  I want to incorporate stained glass this time, so I need to learn its properties, and get better at cutting it.



I also am new to installing this type. Instead of directly applying the tesserae (the pieces) to the surface, I am applying them to Wonderboard, then applying that to the wall.


Once that cures, I grouted it.


I will let it cure fully, then seal the grout.  I plan to do other small pieces around the garden.

Mermaid statue

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IMG_1015I bought this little cutie at Hobby Lobby.  It’s metal.  It just needed a little something…so I added some patina.  In the form of watered down acrylic paint.


Quote of the day

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Quote of the day

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Announcing my New Blog!

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Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.  Collidescopes will still be where I show my art, photography, and musings.  But I have another idea that has been sitting on the back burner for years and years, and I am now releasing it out into the world!

Basically, I started learning lessons about God from observing my relationship with my dog.  I began photographing many other’s pets, and writing these lessons down.  Maybe it will give you a different perspective to go from!

Please check it out.  Master’s Lesson.  I hope you like it!

Quote of the Day

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