Acrylics: Sea Turtle

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One of the things that always struck me with awe while diving or snorkeling is the way sea turtles ‘appear’ and ‘disappear’ in the ocean.  One moment you are staring out into the blue, then suddenly a form immerges, ghostlike, and grows stronger and stronger until you can finally identify it by its shape.  Then the colors get crisper as you approach, and you can see its shell and eyes and all the things you think of when you think ‘sea turtle’.

I attempted to paint this once.


But it didn’t have the effect I was going for.

If you are on Pinterest, you have probably come across the splatter paintings that they use to make a silhouette.  I started out with kind of that idea in mind, and then it branched out from there.


So I used a canvas panel, but treated it more ‘water-colory’…thinned acrylic paints, lots of water, salt.


Then I sketched a sea turtle, and cut it out so I could place it where I wanted it.  Then I traced it.


This is it part way through.  Originally, I was going to paint the entire background white, but I loved the colors and splatters on the edges.

To see the completed piece, hop over to my Galapagos blog, since the sea turtle inspiration came from there.  I also went with an alternative to framing, since I couldn’t find anything I liked.  So check that out too!  Thanks for stopping by!

Colored pencil: Galapagos Sea Lion

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I drew this gorgeous sea lion on black paper!


Head over to my Galapagos blog to check it out!

Mosaic garden brick

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My garden is made up of raised brick beds.  Perfect for spots of color!

A friend had given me pieces of broken glass she found at a shooting range, probably from a t.v. or something.  If you click on the photo, you can see the section right by the round marbles have these lovely crackle glass bits.  It is what inspired me to get started!


Pencil drawing, zebra

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Click on it for a larger view.

Quote inspired acrylic painting

•September 2, 2016 • 1 Comment
So I am reading this book, Stumbling on Happiness, by Daniel Gilbert. I got it from the library, but now I have to buy it, because I have the irresistable urge to underline it and draw pictures all over it…Fascinating stuff.
Anyway, I got to this statement, and I had to slam the book shut and go to the studio. It is so profound. He really was talking about the flaws in this kind of research, the research of the human emotion, but I realized it applied to real life as well.
“If we have a deep scratch on our eyeglasses and don’t know it, we may erroneously conclude that a small crack has opened in the fabric of space and is following us everywhere we go. But if we are cognizant of the scratch, we can do our best to factor it out of our observations, reminding ourselves that what looks like a rip in space is really just a flaw in the device we are using to observe it.”
 This is why, my friends, it is a wise investment to know yourself. It is a worthwhile thing, to be aware of your tics and quirks and weirdnesses, so that when you view the world, you don’t think that the world is truly as warped as your vision. For one example, I know I can get disillusioned easily, which can put me in a pissy mood, and can damage my relationships…but if I catch it early, I can remind myself that it is just that particular scratch on my lens. Yes, the moment might not be exactly how I pictured it to be, but I can look around and find ten things about it that are actually pretty cool. And that just might save me, and everyone around me, from a lot of heartache. And actually point me in the direction of gratitude.
A life of gratitude is well lived. All by remembering to be aware of the flaw in my observational devices. This has many applications…still pondering them all…
So I painted. To remind myself. Hope you like it.

Mosaic finished!

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I ended up tinting the grout and whitening the frame.



Then, after evaluating it on the wall, I went a little heavier with the white and added more color to the lower right corner.


Click on it for a larger view!

On to my next project!

Mosaic update

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I have been toying with a mosaic off and on for awhile, and now I am determined to finish!


If you recall, I am installing it in an old barn window.


I cut the bottom mesh into two sections to make it easier to handle.  I didn’t like how the mesh showed through the clearer glass marbles, so I hand set those with extra mortar underneath.  So it was the perfect place to cut.



The top two sections are grouted. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)  The rest is awaiting grout.  Now that the piece is coming to completion, I am evaluating.  I am seeing the white grout is making the distressed paint look too yellow, so I may paint the wood more white.  I hate losing the rustic look that the piece came to me with, but the finished product is more important to me.  I am also concerned about the ‘flow’ of the piece.  It feels a little disjointed at this point.  I am thinking about possibly tinting the grout color.  I did another small mosaic so that I can test this idea.  It is an indoor installation so I don’t have to worry about durability as much.  I am thinking the tinted grout might calm the piece down some, and direct the eye as it travels across the surface.

We’ll see.

I will post the finished piece once I have it all figured out.

Thanks for viewing!