Mosaic update! Jellyfish tentacles

•May 1, 2018 • Leave a Comment

So I am doing my jellyfish tentacles out of beads and baubles and now I need to fill in the gaps between with water.  Quite the challenge, as I am transitioning colors behind it AND the glass is striped so I need to make all the stripes run the same direction AND the marbles are requiring the cuts to be very strange shapes.

NOT my favorite part to work on.  But necessary for the whole design.


Fused glass

•April 30, 2018 • 1 Comment

Getting organized…Turns out I had several pieces of fusible glass amongst my purchases for the mosaic.  So that works!  And you want to keep it separate–96 COE, which talks about melting.  There are different numbers and they do not mix, nor do they mix with regular stained glass.

This one was “tack fused” meaning they didn’t melt it down all the way.

There are many challenges to this type of work–one is that I am not the most accurate cutter and you really want two pieces of glass everywhere for thickness.  A little frustrating there for me, to get two shapes exactly the same.  Also, the “glue” doesn’t really stick much down so things slide around a lot.  ha ha.  WORTH IT.

Fused Glass

•April 28, 2018 • 1 Comment

Uh oh.  I got another obsession… This all started because I used glow in the dark tiles on my stepping stones and loved the look.  So I asked at my local stained glass shop if they had a stained glass that glows in the dark.  The answer:  there is FUSABLE frit (ground up bits of glass) that can be used.

Oh my.  So a friend and I took a fused glass class at the shop.  I think I am in love.  One of my limitations with mosaic is I just can’t get in there and get the fine detail work I want.

Enter melted glass…

My first attempt, ready to go in the kiln.

The lady that runs the shop also did some samples of the glow in the dark frit over some colors to see how they work.


Then I did a few to see what to expect.

I am going to be playing around with this further.  The downside is, the more gorgeous the glass, the more $$$.  But I will do what I can!

Video inspired art!

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This piece was inspired by Kyle Cease.  He is amazing.  I saw this video and the image was just too clear in my mind not to paint.

The COOLEST PART was I sent it to Kyle, and he liked it so much, he made it the thumbnail sketch to click on to watch the video!!!

Watch it here.

Mosaic update: Cruzin’ right along!

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In a whirlwind of activity, the lower two-thirds of the mosaic are mortared in.

I am getting to use two borosilicate glass pieces I made a few years ago.  I always thought they looked like sea creatures!

Mosaic update: Ray!

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Added my stingray!

Mosaic update: Puffer fish

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I love puffer fish.  They are soooo goofy, and sweet, and funny-looking.  I fought the design a lot, and still might change it up again.  But here goes!

Here’s the drawing.

I may change the mouth, or something.  I don’t know.