Pencil Drawing, Nasca

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I drew this bad boy over on my Galapagos site.  Click to see the colored pencil piece done with Prismacolor pencils on toned paper.


Nasca and other boobies will present their love interest with a pebble or a shell as a gift…apparently he wanted to be prepared.  This photo was taken on Suarez Point, Espanola, Galapagos.

They are gorgeous birds.  They can be a challenge to draw because of their unusual proportions.  The neck always fights me because I want to thin it out more like a swan’s.

Hope you hop over there for a look at the drawing!  There are other art pieces and photography on that site as well.  Enjoy!

Mural: Sea turtles and Dolphin

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IMG_2621 IMG_2622

I love doing kid’s rooms!

Word of the Year

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I have been drawing a blank on my word of the year.  (The practice of, instead of Resolution-izing the New Year to death with deals I will break, I pick a word that is a theme for the year that may guide me into a different kind of living.)  I have used Here and Now, and Enough, and Shmita as a few examples.

Last night I was watching a show on channel 8 about genes and lifestyle and he kept using the phrase ‘self-care’.  I started ruminating on what that actually meant and how powerful it is to attach that intention onto your actions.

What if brushing my teeth was viewed, not as a tedious daily chore, but as an act of self-care?  What if choosing healthy foods wasn’t punishment for jean size, but as an act of self care?  What if stopping a train of thought that was bad for me wasn’t another shaming “you shouldn’t be thinking this way” but was “I care about you so let’s find something else to do”?  What if keeping an organized, clean home wasn’t my duty, but a way to surround myself with an environment that nourishes me?

Practice self-care.

But I will insert a great word into it, depending on my activity.  “Practice extravagant self-care” when I am taking a bath and I use the yummy scented candles.  “Practice peaceful self-care” when an argument with someone is carefully kept in proper perspective and not allowed to spiral into shame or rage.  “Practice healthy self-care” when I stretch or ice or use the tens unit on my back, rather than feel like it is a waste of time and if I wasn’t ‘weak’ I wouldn’t have to do it. “Practice empowering self-care” when I ask for what I need in a straightforward but polite manner, instead of mentally cowering and feeling apologetic for being on this planet and needing anything.  “Practice nurturing self-care” when I immerse myself in nature.

Basically it is me caring for myself as I would a friend.

I like it.

What is your word of the year?  Have you decided?


Galapagos Map

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I wanted to talk about the techniques I used making my map of Galapagos, that I shared on my travel blog, Galapagos through the Eyes of an Artist, 2.  Since this is more of my artist’s blog, after all.

I had bought this print on the islands.


I then used gel medium and a hard backboard to mount it with printed paper.



This little scrap talked about memory, a nod to myself to hold all the memories that I have of these trips.


The map started to blend into the background too much so I shaded the edges.


This part of the map I didn’t care for much, so I found these printed stamps to place there instead.  I decided it was appropriate, since Galapagos was first discovered by Spain, and many of the islands’ names still reflect those beginnings.




This little scrap had traverse on it, but also on the larger sheet, it said “2 times 3 equals 6. 3 times 3 equals 9.”  It is embossed into the surface, subtly.  The bit I needed just happened to have ‘2 times’ and ‘3 times.’  This is my imbedded wish.  I went twice, and I want to go again…and again…  I love when my art has little secrets in it, sometimes not even fully intended!

I used stencils and splatters and glazes of color to help the overall design.


Marking the islands!


I liked that this scrapbook paper had the world map on it to show my home and Galapagos’ location off of Ecuador!



Galapagos Through the Eyes of An Artist, 2

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It’s done! My travel/art blog about my trip!  Galapagos Through the Eyes of an Artist, 2

This was my winnings from Adventure Life’s blog contest–Galapagos Through the Eyes of an Artist.  I am so excited to share my photos and art with you.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery, and the 8 new art pieces I did.

And thank you, from the bottom of my heart, again, if you were one of those who voted for me.  This trip was made possible because of you.



Sea lion tastes GoPro

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This was taken at Gardner Bay, Galapagos.  My guide had been tossing rocks for the sea lions to catch, a favorite game.  One got a little carried away with it, and caught my GoPro instead!  Watch for the whiskers at the end.

No GoPros or Sea Lions were harmed in the making of this video, haha!

Sea lion taste

Sea lion inspects my iPhone

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Another video for your enjoyment, from San Cristobal, Galapagos.  I had set up my iPhone on a tripod to do a time lapse video…and the sea lion thought she should check the camera out, just in case.


Sea lion inspects my iPhone

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