Quote of the day: Viktor Frankl

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Between stimulus and response there is a space.  In that space is our power to choose our response.  In our response lies our growth and our freedom.  Viktor Frankl


World Map Framed

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I got it back from the framers.  Very happy!

I found these upholstery nails and I like them better than pushpins.



World Map

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This project has been on my mind as a concept for a long time.  Since my husband and I are travelers, I wanted to do a world map that we could mark our journeys on.  But…I didn’t really want to try to draw the world.  Call it lazy, call it perfectionism, call it whatever.  Then I ran across this:


A corkboard.  Map.  It’s the world, on corkboard, ready for me!  PERFECTION!  I was already in the middle of a project, so I just kinda put stuff right on top of it.  My studio became a creative tornado zone!


I mounted the corkboard onto another board to give it some strength and to straighten it out.  (It came rolled up.)  I didn’t know exactly what I was going for, so I just started to play.



I used gel medium to anchor down some paper.


I began using stencils and some beautiful swirl paper I had left over from another project.  I noticed the gel medium was changing the color of the cork, so I went ahead and gave the whole surface a coat of it for consistency.


I wanted to try this technique, where I coat the paper with gel medium then pull it off, so that it leaves behind the imprint but no color.  (Gel medium dries clear, so the white you see will go away.)


These photos are just showing my progress.


I had these old envelopes, and I thought this was a good use for one.




I ended up arguing with the corner I had done the gel medium imprint a lot.  I like the idea, I just didn’t practice enough with it before applying it to a piece I really want to turn out.  In the end, I sanded it down and that effect seemed to work.


The finished piece, photographed outside.  (My studio lighting isn’t ideal for photography.)




Oh, and I used vellum with words and designs on some of the continents.  If you do this, know that vellum doesn’t like gel medium.  It buckles.  If you babysit it, and continue to flatten it and work out the kinks as it dries, it works okay but there are still folds and bends.  I used them as “age”.



And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.



I plan on framing it, so I haven’t put any pins in it to mark our destinations.  I will do that when it comes back from the framers.



Galapagos blog

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For those of you who checked out my Galapagos blog, thank you! If you voted, even bigger thank you!  The contest winner gets to go back and see the islands that were not on my tour.  So that would be awesome.  Please make sure you hit the ‘confirm’ button on the confirmation email they send out.  Otherwise your vote doesn’t count.  It may be in your spam folder–some filters toss it in there.  They promise no future emails.  Here is a sample of the photography and art over there…






If you haven’t seen it yet, voted on it yet…check it out!  Contest ends July 31st!

Galapagos through the Eyes of an Artist

Thank you!!!!


Altered book: Time

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Amazing quote by Mitch Ablom.




I had some old timecards that made an excellent background for it.


Altered book: Fall

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So I have had this gorgeous quote for awhile.  “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go.” I had stuck it in a drawer, and leafing through it practically leapt into my hand. “PICK ME!  Oh…..Pick me!!!”  I Googled it, and I can’t find the author on this one.  I know, it is a million degrees and not even close to the right season for this quote, but it is for me.  I looked up Autumn in my Webster’s Official Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, my latest victim in altered books, but the page didn’t have much to offer.  So I checked out Fall.

The reason this quote appeals to me right now is because there is some old conflict in my life that keeps resurfacing, and I am feeling it a lot.  The other party is feeling it a lot.  There are misunderstandings, there is mistrust, there is hard-hearted-ness.  There is loss of balance.  This page had awesome words on it for this.  Not only Fall for the obvious literal visual I went with, but for the feelings I am feeling.  Failing.  Failure.  Face-to-face.   Fairy tale.  Fairness.  Faithfulness.  Falling out.  Fall guy.  Fallacy.  False.  Faith.  Faint.  Fact.  The various alternative words are magnificent, and I appreciated them underscoring my work.  Many I noticed only as I was painting, and I love it when the art has its own voice, that often I didn’t even know I intended.  Leaves highlighted specific emotions, obliterated others.  Branches lifted up concepts I want to hold on to.  It was quite an interesting and healing experience to paint this one.




This is a day when I whisper to the page, “Thank you.”


Altered book: Untangle

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IMG_7294 IMG_7293


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