Mural: Ocean bath

•December 10, 2017 • Leave a Comment

I went ahead and brought color up onto the ceiling for a softer ending to it.  I love it!

I am pondering whether or not I am going to add any sea creatures.  Right now I am just going to enjoy it and see what speaks to me.


Colored pencil: Dog portrait

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OB is a Basenji/Boxer mix and a delight to babysit!

Tree meditation

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I was doing a meditation today, and this picture came into my mind, of me intermingled with an ancient tree.

I pictured energy and sunlight and chlorophyll and peace flowing down, fed from the leaves and sky, down the branches into my fingertips, down my arms, flowing over my head. I’m catching a cold, so I pictured this light and heat capturing all of those dark spots of illness and carrying them down, down, down into the earth through my feet. It was broken up into organic material in the soil and cleansed. I felt the energy from the tree recharging me.

And because I don’t only take, I am also here to give, I then reversed the flow, pulling from the soil nutrients and energy and allowing them to flow back up my body. It replenished the tree and through the leaves gave life to the creatures, and oxygen to the air.

Mosaic update

•October 1, 2017 • 2 Comments

Now that the mosaic has been in awhile, I am really appreciating it.  I love the reflections in the pool…

I love the way the sun travels across it, giving watery effects…

I love seeing the little special details within the glass, like bubbles…

And how the sunlight shows gentle striations in the color…


I have purchased this gorgeousness for the top edge.  I love how it resembles sea foam.  I won’t be able to install it until I get my tile guy out to cut a few edges.  I don’t have that kind of equipment.

Most of the mosaic has held up really well.  I am noticing some cracking in one spot, of course my favorite spot.  The center of the wave.

It’s very puzzling to me because it is in the center of the blocks, on top of the backer board.  I just can’t imagine it is getting much flexing there.


I also can say I wish I had used a lighter glass for the lips of my Hawaiian fish.  They don’t show well from a distance.  Just lessons for next time.

I have now begun mosaicking the stepping stones, using a few glow in the dark tiles as accents.  These have not been grouted yet.  I will finish these and probably start the second half of the wall in November.





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My husband had bagged this alligator a few years ago, and the skin was just hanging around, with no head, and no hands and feet.  It felt…wrong.

Art skills to the rescue!

Humble beginnings!

And here he is!  Now I feel like he is properly honored.

The skin is only on the vertical surface.  I painted the horizontal edge to match.



Mosaic Update: COMPLETED

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Well, the first half.  This represents about 200 hours of my life. I love it. 🙂



I love how the iridescence shows in the morning light.

Here you can see the other half, waiting for me.

I am going to rest for awhile, and also observe the mosaic.  I want to make sure it stays intact with the fluctuating temperatures.  I don’t anticipate a problem, but I would rather learn about it before I dive in to Part 2!

Mosaic update

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The grouting has begun!  I tell ya, I don’t know how I managed to line this up where I am grouting outdoors in Arizona in August, but it kinda blows.  And this wall gets full sun first thing in the morning.  Anyway, artist angst aside, I am grouting!  I am using four colors, so this process will take several sessions.  Plus the grout dries so quickly I have to do very small batches or it dries out before I have a chance to get it wiped back.

I tried filling the gap at the meeting of the two panels with grout, and I even threw a little glass beading in there to make it fancy, but I didn’t like it.

So I chipped it back out and filled the gap with smaller strips of glass instead.  This was no time to get lazy.

It even had the edge from being made in the factory, that had just the right blob to curve into! (Click on the photo to see it larger!)

Moving right along!