Mosaic changes

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The lighter blue piece in the center started bothering me when the piece went up outside.  I have learned if it bothers me now, it will bother me later!

There it is installed as far as we have gotten.  (Still WAITING on my installer…not so patiently…so I can move on with finishing the wave and grouting already.)

I decided switching straight from white to blue was too abrupt, plus it left the entire wall with very little white.  So I added this little strip of white in with that blue piece.  Since I only borrowed from that one location, it wasn’t too much disruption to change it.

I don’t think the real effect will show until later, since so much white from the mortar is showing now.


Mosaic update

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I have had a few adhesion failures.  It seems to be on pieces that are too large or more rounded.  The glass marbles I am individually grinding the backs so that they have a flatter surface to stick to.  The hermit crab shell I remade out of fused glass. I decided I liked the idea that I had made them, instead of using the original hermit crab shell I had purchased, rather than just trying to restick it.

Fusing glass still has some learning curves for me.  I didn’t realize I would lose some of the striping the original glass had in the firing.  (I guess that happens a lot with oranges…I didn’t know.)

Here’s the original glass. I didn’t take a pre-fire photo of the shell, unfortunately, to show you the difference.

The fused piece also got larger, so it no longer fit in the space I wanted to put it in.  That left me with three alternatives:  grind down the fused piece and refire it to remove the scuff marks, chip out more of the surrounding mosaic and recut it and reinstall it, or start over.

I chose the start over option.  In regular stained glass.

I also popped out the commercially made clam shell and replaced it with my own work.

Mosaic update

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Working on different size panels, some installed, some not, is a unique challenge.  I have to get all of this to line up properly.



Mosaic changes

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So I had this but the transition from dark to light wasn’t working.

So I switched to this.

It’s completely changing my plans but it flows much better on the wall itself, so I can’t complain too much.

Now I am working on the part below, as you can see.

Mosaic update: Changes…

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The puffer didn’t stick.  Oh, well, my plan was to add him back in, no problem…

But the transitions aren’t right.

The light area next to the jellyfish orb isn’t working.

My original intent was to create a wave with this idea in mind:  a lighter curl, with a darker center and a darker background.

However…with the up swelling of the dark navy blue colors, that isn’t the way it is going to go.

It needs to be dark transitioning into light rather than a curl of light and a curl of dark.

I used to hate it when artists said, “The work tells me what it needs.”

Now I get it.

I wish it would tell me before I spend a full day cutting glass.  But ok!


Mosaic update: Added Puffer!

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Mosaic update: Plan, Plan, Plan

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My vision was to try to get the glow of light within the wave.  My friend and I are always enthralled with that at the beach.  Then one trip we saw a photographer’s work and it was entitled “Creation’s core”.  Which we thought was amazing.  This photo is just a stock one from the internet, to remind me of my intentions.

Here I am trying it out with colors, to make sure the transition works, because the Core color is more turquoise.

You can see the iridescent piece in the center on the ground.

Then I brought it inside to work it out.


After many different configurations, I decided I had to scrap the turquoise.  There wasn’t enough room to make the transition.