Fused glass, chakra pieces

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I wanted to make some puddles of glass and line them up for a representation of the chakra colors.  So I stacked these lovelies up and mid-fused them.IMG_8098

Then I broke them  up with some score lines and a hammer…but didn’t get photos.  Dang.



From there I turned them, and full fused them.  For a better visual description, see my other post on Puddles.


Then I tack fused them into a strip like this.


Then immediately broke one!!! GRRRRR


Emu Moon

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So…this was actually a practical joke painting for a friend and it turned out pretty awesome!  We have a joke about the funny names for the full moons.  So this is our Emu blood super moon with a sturgeon retrograde.  We crack ourselves up.

My apologies!

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If you have recently commented on any of my posts and I have not responded, it’s because I just saw them!  I apologize!

I do appreciate you stopping by to check out my art.  I just saw this artist’s statement that resonated with me, and reminds me partly why I create.  This was printed in the Boyce Thompson Arboretum magazine.

I know your time and attention are precious commodities and I am honored you come here!


Coral fused bowl

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IMG_8208I had fired it once and didn’t like it, so I added more elements and full fused it again.  As they say “never refuse to refuse”!  Then I draped it over a mold.67478805_10217165440581700_6108828888152932352_n

Ocean drape, fused glass

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Playing around with a drape!  (Hand for size reference.)IMG_0075


Fused glass must overlap to melt together.  This is the result with a full fuse.


While I liked the colors, I wanted a little more drama.


I created this ring of clear so there would be a backing for my next step.  Another full fuse and….


Then I used some coarse clear.  Gluing them on was a little tricky with the rounded surface.


Then back in the kiln for a tack fire!  I then wrapped this stainless steel canister in kiln paper, set the piece on top and slump fired it.


It didn’t turn out quite the way I expected but I love it!  Very organic.


Fused glass, cookie cutters

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Well, I was in the mood to experiment, but not in the mood to do my homework.  I remembered someone on my Fused Glass group saying you could melt glass in stainless steel without fiber paper, and I also recalled someone using cookie cutters.

Well, they can SLUMP in stained glass without any protection.  Lower temps.

So basically I melted the glass and stuck it to the mold.

One I could get out, the other I just made the mold part of the design.

Should have done my homework!

Meditation sketch

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Sometimes I do these just to relax.IMG_8040