Acrylics: Wolf closeup

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Acrylics: Christmas ornaments

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I painted these for a friend of mine!  They represent stories that we experienced together.

Acrylics: Abstract

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This is a pencil case.  It is loosely based on a stained glass window design a friend of mine liked.

Acrylics: Gentle Giant

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Acrylics: Elephants

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Acrylics: Sea Turtle

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One of the things that always struck me with awe while diving or snorkeling is the way sea turtles ‘appear’ and ‘disappear’ in the ocean.  One moment you are staring out into the blue, then suddenly a form immerges, ghostlike, and grows stronger and stronger until you can finally identify it by its shape.  Then the colors get crisper as you approach, and you can see its shell and eyes and all the things you think of when you think ‘sea turtle’.

I attempted to paint this once.


But it didn’t have the effect I was going for.

If you are on Pinterest, you have probably come across the splatter paintings that they use to make a silhouette.  I started out with kind of that idea in mind, and then it branched out from there.


So I used a canvas panel, but treated it more ‘water-colory’…thinned acrylic paints, lots of water, salt.


Then I sketched a sea turtle, and cut it out so I could place it where I wanted it.  Then I traced it.


This is it part way through.  Originally, I was going to paint the entire background white, but I loved the colors and splatters on the edges.

To see the completed piece, hop over to my Galapagos blog, since the sea turtle inspiration came from there.  I also went with an alternative to framing, since I couldn’t find anything I liked.  So check that out too!  Thanks for stopping by!

Colored pencil: Galapagos Sea Lion

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I drew this gorgeous sea lion on black paper!


Head over to my Galapagos blog to check it out!