Mosaic Update: Upper section

•June 11, 2018 • Leave a Comment

Plans, plans, plans!

The iridescent glass is a favorite of mine, but has unique challenges.  Not only do I need to watch the flow of the wispy light blue to make sure it goes the way water does, and from one piece to the next without majorly changing directions…

but I also have to watch the flow of the iridescence as well.


Mosaic update: Corrections

•June 9, 2018 • Leave a Comment

I thought I liked the placement of the purple coral behind the big fish, but then I realized I couldn’t see the tail as well as I had hoped.

I colored it in with a marker to confirm my suspicions.


Standing back to look I realized I was right, and changed it.

I moved the coral’s arm further back and now the tail stands out more clearly.

Mosaic update: Filling in the gaps

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Now I have this gap to fill in.  I make a template with butcher paper then transfer that to mesh.

Eventually it all gets done!

Mosaic update: Installation!

•June 4, 2018 • Leave a Comment

This big section is going in!  I couldn’t finish it because there is a section above this one, and I could not see the curve of the wave well enough to put it in ahead of time.  I will have to install this piece, place the next board above it, and hopefully from there I will be able to see the full curl where it will belong.

Sometimes art is like life–you have a general idea of where you are trying to get to, but you can’t see the whole picture.  Each step informs the next.

Fused glass

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Playing with dichroic!  I think it would have looked better mid fused rather than full fused.  But it is my first piece.

Fused Glass: Mandarin fish

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So, one of my favorite fish is called a Mandarin.  You can see a real photo here.  He was way too challenging to do in a mosaic, due to all the intricate details and the fact that he’s a little guy.


I got pretty close with fused glass, tho!  Very happy I get to acknowledge the breed on my wall.

Mosaic update! Jellyfish tentacles

•May 1, 2018 • Leave a Comment

So I am doing my jellyfish tentacles out of beads and baubles and now I need to fill in the gaps between with water.  Quite the challenge, as I am transitioning colors behind it AND the glass is striped so I need to make all the stripes run the same direction AND the marbles are requiring the cuts to be very strange shapes.

NOT my favorite part to work on.  But necessary for the whole design.