Mosaic update

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So, learn from me, people.  When I started this, the sea turtle was my focus.  So I installed from there and worked my way out and down.  Now I am to the bottom, and I want my coral to grow UP!  So I am knocking out some previously mortared pieces to get this result.

GRRRR…problem with tunnel vision.

The next section I will start from the BOTTOM and work my way UP.

Mosaic update

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This is where all this is going–out by my pool.

I printed a photo out so I could sketch the idea.  Sometimes it is hard to “see” what it looks like in my head and I get lost.  This helps.

Then I did a grid plan so I knew everything would fit.

I have some see-through glass that will show the sticky mesh through it if I use it the traditional way.  This time I had to use the sticky mesh on the top and then peel it away once I set it in the mortar.  The image is reversed this way.

Problem-solving skills!  🙂

Acrylic: Angel

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Someone I don’t know has a tumor in her brain, and the person who knows her asked for items to put into a gift basket for her.

I went into my studio and this was the result.

I kind of feel like she has been put on a path, on a journey that she doesn’t want to take and doesn’t know where it is headed…so I started with a piece of map.

Then I painted over it.  I didn’t want her to think she was alone on this journey, so I painted this to remind her that there are human and spiritual angels that will be with her along the way.

I told her I prayed over the piece.  And I apologized if it was too “woo-woo” for her.  I know sometimes my art can be a little strange to those who don’t know me and I am not there to explain!

Mosaic update!

•March 11, 2017 • 2 Comments

Started my giant clam!

I was looking at photos from dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef.  And my initial attempt showed that I had insufficient reference material.  It didn’t feel ‘clammy’ to me.

More research and a re-design, and I like it better.

I didn’t realize I would have difficulty finding plain tan stained glass.  I found this ivory color and so I am reworking the lower section to incorporate this new color.

Not completely satisfied but this section isn’t mortared down yet. So, pondering…

New mosaic project update

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It helps to take photos and evaluate in my phone, it gives me a little distance.  I was deciding the order of the color in the upper left corner.  The head is missing because I have commissioned a borosilicate glass artist to make the eye!  I am so excited to get that back!

Mirror fish!

I keep changing my mind, and altering things.  It’s hard not to second guess myself.


Colored pencil: Mother’s milk

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Mosaic stepping stones

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So recently I had some work done on my pool.  At the last moment, I had to step in and mosaic the wall that separated the pool from the spa, because the concrete base wasn’t parallel and the straight tiles they started to install looked stupid.

So now of course my pavers are boring.


img_5227 img_5241 img_5242

The sticky mesh works well for this!

img_5263 img_5264