About Me…

I have been at this blog since 2009, and have never filled in this page.  (Today’s date–6/19/2012.)  Probably because I think the work should speak for itself, and I should fade away.  But the work happens because of who I am, so who am I kidding?

About me…reflecting the posts in this blog, I would say I am an artist, a photographer, a thinker, a traveller.  Stamps in my passport: Italy, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, Amsterdam, Egypt, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Ecuador….and it itches for more!  My travels have left me humbled, breathless and inspired.

My photo equipment:

pre-digital, Pentax K1000

digital, Canon Rebel XTI (my favorite gift from my hubby) with a Tamron 18-270  mm lens (great for closeups as well as wide-angle, I love my lens…)

and my newest addition, a Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS.  It is tiny, so it fits in my pocket for those trips that are not conducive to a larger camera.  It is red, so I call it Clifford because I like irony.  I also have a Pomeranian named Kujo, same reason, but that is another story…

I don’t edit my photos much.  Maybe a crop, or play with the light.  I guess I am more of a purist–take lots of shots and if you captured it, awesome!  If you didn’t, learn from it.

My art is varied and I don’t know how for it not to be.  I work primarily in acrylics, but also dabble with colored pencil and pen.  Mosaics are fun, and collage is too!  I like to sample new mediums–I think they inspire me and remind me I am always a student, never an expert.

I believe part of the reason I was put on this planet is to combat the ugliness in this world, by producing beauty.  Repel ignorance by channelling light.  Circumvent pain by encouraging healing.  Foil sorrow by projecting joy.  But I also think sometimes we have to look into the dark, to understand it, to not fear it anymore.  It is part of why my heart beats.

That is all for now.  I am honored you visited my blog!

Other blogs that I have created, as artist, photographer and writer:

Galapagos through the Eyes of an Artist

Galapagos through the Eyes of an Artist, 2

Master’s Lesson


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