Cactus army! Fused glass

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The sales associates at Arizona Gift Center, where we sell our work, suggested I do some cactus for their customers searching for Arizona mementos!


Mosaic update: ready to install!

•April 11, 2019 • 1 Comment


That little spot in the center of the curve…I am waiting until I put in the side pieces to see how that comes together.  I am super STOKED to be finally at the last stages of this huge project!

Mosaic update

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Mosaic update

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It keeps growing!

Fused glass bowls

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Two bowls for the store, and the elephant one is for a fundraiser.

Mosaic update, Kali installed!

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Well, part of her anyway!

Fused Octopus

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And so it begins…I made the purple suckers first.


This was my test piece and unfortunately, the glue did something funky.  Now that I am looking back, I can actually see that in the pre-fire photo, but I didn’t see it then!  Do-over!


Tracing paper on the body, then transfer onto the glass…


Now we are getting somewhere!  (Obviously, this is over a period of time.  Many separate firings.)  I used black and purple frit to add details.  I accidentally grabbed a color for the eye that changes in firing.  I think it still works well so I am going with it!


I wanted the larger suckers to look like they had the inner circle, like a real octopus, so I fired these with clear.  That didn’t really work so I did some others with the purples inside.


The larger suckers felt like eggs to me.  I considered just doing without.


But then it seemed like she was scuttling across the sea bottom, and I wanted her to feel relaxed and just hanging out.  So I remade the last legs, omitting most of the larger suckers and just using the same kind as the rest of the design.


She is the most favorite-est thing I have made out of fused glass.

Her name is Kali, after an octopus featured in the book, Soul of An Octopus, by Sy Montgomery, which I was reading as I created this piece of art.  I highly recommend it if you are interested in these amazing creatures.