Fused glass candle holder

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Fluorite carving: Heart within a Heart

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I started following a rock carving group on Facebook, Dremel Lapidary by Kersten Safford Art, and decided to enter a contest with them.  I’m not competitive by nature, but I thought having a prompt and a deadline would help me stay on task.  This is the stone straight from the store.

The first prompt was “Heart within a Heart”.  I began sketching, looking for an idea.  I didn’t want to do the obvious, I thought about making hearts into chain links, etc.  Then I thought about Celtic knots and did some research.  I found this.

Which is perfect, since it is literally hearts wrapped inside each other.  A little more searching, and I found the heart within the heart.



BUT I wasn’t interested in printing this on my printer and transferring the image onto the stone–I wanted to design it and hand draw it.


I decided to overlap the lower heart over the outer heart.


It took some measuring and fiddling.



It helped to color in the parts I wanted to carve with silver marker because it is difficult to see, especially wet.  You need to carve wet to keep the dust down, it can be toxic!


It also helped to use my moldable eraser to press into the carving, to analyze how it was going.


The stone itself is just stunning.  I love the qualities of fluorite!


The back side was covered with this white stone.  At first I carved the name, “Anam Cara” which means Soul Friend in Celtic, but I didn’t like the look so I sanded down all of it except the center.  Then it showed the lovely purple squares in the stone.


IMG_1431LOTS of sanding and polishing later and…..


Multiple pictures because the lighting changes things a lot.  I learned a great deal doing this and am looking forward to many more!

I wanted Anam Cara to look like it could have been discovered in a field in Ireland, abandoned from an old settlement or something.  Fluorite is a beautiful stone to carve and I am happy!

Ode to Eric Carle, fused glass

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Fused glass wave

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Ode to Beatrix Potter

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I always wanted to try out her style.  She is much more complex than it looks!

Fused glass: candle holder

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Fused glass: little bowls

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Stencils and frit!IMG_1245

Luminescent glassIMG_1244IMG_0637