Tree meditation

I was doing a meditation today, and this picture came into my mind, of me intermingled with an ancient tree.

I pictured energy and sunlight and chlorophyll and peace flowing down, fed from the leaves and sky, down the branches into my fingertips, down my arms, flowing over my head. I’m catching a cold, so I pictured this light and heat capturing all of those dark spots of illness and carrying them down, down, down into the earth through my feet. It was broken up into organic material in the soil and cleansed. I felt the energy from the tree recharging me.

And because I don’t only take, I am also here to give, I then reversed the flow, pulling from the soil nutrients and energy and allowing them to flow back up my body. It replenished the tree and through the leaves gave life to the creatures, and oxygen to the air.


~ by collidescopes on December 8, 2017.

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