Mosaic update

I really fought the center of this wave.  I thought I wanted it dark.

Couldn’t get it to flow right.

So I went similar color, only clear.

Nope.  (Cutting a lot of glass and getting nowhere, people.)

A friend stopped by and asked about white.  I didn’t want to do the center white, all experience I have had watching waves told me the center is dark, hidden from the sun.  But it gave me an idea…

If I put a white edge on the deepest side of the turquoise…it would be a buffer between that and the center color…and make the circle smaller…and I could use my pretty piece!!!

I had to cut out the lighter edge, which still made me sad. But I think this piece needed to be here.

Some adjustments and installed.  PHEW!


~ by collidescopes on June 23, 2017.

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