Mosaic update

So, it was time to start the wave.  I had looked up some stuff on Pinterest, as well as I had the idea from a painting I did awhile ago I wanted to incorporate.  I thought I had a mental picture of what I wanted to do.

Abstracty, wavey.  Yeah.

I’d been saving scraps, because I pictured it getting smaller and smaller as I went.

Sometimes, art tells YOU what it wants.

First of all, I had this GORGEOUS segment of glass that had this nice flow to it, this deep dark center with water-like drips flowing off that I thought would make the perfect center to the wave.  But it wasn’t a big enough piece.  The lighter edges weren’t going to translate from a distance and I would lose the ‘curl’ effect I was going for in this wave.  Sooooo I thought maybe instead of the curl it could be part of the rising pitch of the wave.

I just couldn’t get it to flow right!  The pigment was too similar to the pieces I had leading into them.  I finally decided to scrap the piece, even though I was totally in love with its beauty.  I mean, look at it.  Be sad with me.

It has bits of iridescence in it…ah well.  Sacrifice for the whole.

Moved on to other gorgeous glass that would fit the flow of wave, and design.

I thought I would talk a little about what I am thinking as I work.  Some of it is pretty non-verbal, I am just cutting and grinding and placing.  But I am looking at the flow of the glass, and spacing.

I am also looking to see how cut lines will help the design–like the pen mark on the upper turquoise piece.  See how that continues the curve?  Even though it is a solid piece of glass, I will cut it there.

I am also thinking strategically.  One if the difficulties for me is, glass is usually square.  So at some point I am going to run into straight lines.  The upper line was the end of the glass piece.  I added the lower line to echo it, so it wasn’t so isolated and obvious.





~ by collidescopes on June 21, 2017.

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