Mosaic update

I have been toying with a mosaic off and on for awhile, and now I am determined to finish!


If you recall, I am installing it in an old barn window.


I cut the bottom mesh into two sections to make it easier to handle.  I didn’t like how the mesh showed through the clearer glass marbles, so I hand set those with extra mortar underneath.  So it was the perfect place to cut.



The top two sections are grouted. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)  The rest is awaiting grout.  Now that the piece is coming to completion, I am evaluating.  I am seeing the white grout is making the distressed paint look too yellow, so I may paint the wood more white.  I hate losing the rustic look that the piece came to me with, but the finished product is more important to me.  I am also concerned about the ‘flow’ of the piece.  It feels a little disjointed at this point.  I am thinking about possibly tinting the grout color.  I did another small mosaic so that I can test this idea.  It is an indoor installation so I don’t have to worry about durability as much.  I am thinking the tinted grout might calm the piece down some, and direct the eye as it travels across the surface.

We’ll see.

I will post the finished piece once I have it all figured out.

Thanks for viewing!


~ by collidescopes on August 13, 2016.

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