Mosaic project update

So, I told you about this new project I was starting…


here….  In October…. and I was struggling.  With mosaics in general, it is difficult to transfer the design over once I mortar the backpiece.  I find it never looks like the original.  So I procrastinated on this project.  I also procrastinated because I am just learning to cut glass and there is a learning curve.

Anyway, I found a super-cool product for the transferring.  It is sold by Skeew.  It’s called QuikStik Mosaic Mesh and it is sticky.  It’s awesome!


You just put the pieces on the sheet, and when you decide it is where you want it, press.  You can still lift them up and move them.  Then mortar your backing, pick up the sheet, and press it into the mortar.


Just be careful to not let the mortar mush up too high on the side of the tesserae, or it will show through the grout when you get to that step.

Grout as normal!


Eventually I will fill in all the ‘windows’ from this old window frame.



I am thinking I may tint the grout color purple and fade it as it travels down.  It will be an interior mosaic so I won’t have to worry about fading.  I haven’t decided yet!

***The only negative I find with the mesh is that you see it through clear tesserae.  I am working on a solution for that.  Here is what I mean:


Any mesh would do this, it isn’t unique to the product.  I just didn’t expect it to show so much.  That part is a bummer.


~ by collidescopes on May 17, 2016.

3 Responses to “Mosaic project update”

  1. Looks great, especially with the lines flowing through from one panel to the next.

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