Galapagos Map

I wanted to talk about the techniques I used making my map of Galapagos, that I shared on my travel blog, Galapagos through the Eyes of an Artist, 2.  Since this is more of my artist’s blog, after all.

I had bought this print on the islands.


I then used gel medium and a hard backboard to mount it with printed paper.



This little scrap talked about memory, a nod to myself to hold all the memories that I have of these trips.


The map started to blend into the background too much so I shaded the edges.


This part of the map I didn’t care for much, so I found these printed stamps to place there instead.  I decided it was appropriate, since Galapagos was first discovered by Spain, and many of the islands’ names still reflect those beginnings.




This little scrap had traverse on it, but also on the larger sheet, it said “2 times 3 equals 6. 3 times 3 equals 9.”  It is embossed into the surface, subtly.  The bit I needed just happened to have ‘2 times’ and ‘3 times.’  This is my imbedded wish.  I went twice, and I want to go again…and again…  I love when my art has little secrets in it, sometimes not even fully intended!

I used stencils and splatters and glazes of color to help the overall design.


Marking the islands!


I liked that this scrapbook paper had the world map on it to show my home and Galapagos’ location off of Ecuador!




~ by collidescopes on December 24, 2015.

3 Responses to “Galapagos Map”

  1. this is so cool, i am in love with your map!

  2. […] You can view it here. […]

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