Salon Metal piece


The client’s business card.  He wanted the artwork painted on sheet metal–a new experience for me.  I argued with it a lot.  It doesn’t behave as a canvas or wall would.  I expected that, but the learning curve was steep, especially for a piece that was going to hang in a beauty salon!  If I did work on metal again, I would do five pieces that won’t need to see the light of day before I tackled work for clients.  But it worked out.  I find the eyes to be really intense.  The client liked them that way!







~ by collidescopes on October 10, 2015.

2 Responses to “Salon Metal piece”

  1. It’s great, especially knowing how it is hard to work on metal with acrylics

    • Thanks! I primed it with self etching primer, and based it with two coats of white spray paint. Then I tried to base it in, but the paint kept pooling up. So I put a few layers of gesso on it as well. It never did act as I expected it to! But I think the results came out pretty good. 🙂

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