Altered book: Fall


So I have had this gorgeous quote for awhile.  “The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go.” I had stuck it in a drawer, and leafing through it practically leapt into my hand. “PICK ME!  Oh…..Pick me!!!”  I Googled it, and I can’t find the author on this one.  I know, it is a million degrees and not even close to the right season for this quote, but it is for me.  I looked up Autumn in my Webster’s Official Crossword Puzzle Dictionary, my latest victim in altered books, but the page didn’t have much to offer.  So I checked out Fall.

The reason this quote appeals to me right now is because there is some old conflict in my life that keeps resurfacing, and I am feeling it a lot.  The other party is feeling it a lot.  There are misunderstandings, there is mistrust, there is hard-hearted-ness.  There is loss of balance.  This page had awesome words on it for this.  Not only Fall for the obvious literal visual I went with, but for the feelings I am feeling.  Failing.  Failure.  Face-to-face.   Fairy tale.  Fairness.  Faithfulness.  Falling out.  Fall guy.  Fallacy.  False.  Faith.  Faint.  Fact.  The various alternative words are magnificent, and I appreciated them underscoring my work.  Many I noticed only as I was painting, and I love it when the art has its own voice, that often I didn’t even know I intended.  Leaves highlighted specific emotions, obliterated others.  Branches lifted up concepts I want to hold on to.  It was quite an interesting and healing experience to paint this one.




This is a day when I whisper to the page, “Thank you.”



~ by collidescopes on July 12, 2015.

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