Encaustics class

I recently took a class at Jerry’s Art O Rama on Encaustics.  Interesting medium.  You start with heated wax, which you can add colorant to, or they sell it pre-mixed.


IMG_8071 The piece you are looking at is what the artist did as a demo.  The heat moves the color around and gives unique results.  The wax must be fused in between each layer.

IMG_8070You can scrape off bits you don’t like, or want to highlight in some way.



While beyond the scope of this class, you can add items to it—such as paper, twigs, lace, etc. for a more layered effect.


This is the piece I did.


I don’t know if I will incorporate this type of work into my regular creating, mostly because if I add another medium with all of it’s tools and equipment and specialized “stuff” I think my husband will just about lose it!  But my friend has picked it up with a vengeance and I am sure I will create some things with her in the future!  Watching the wax melt and move the color around was quite mesmerizing.  I can see why people like to create with it!


~ by collidescopes on February 22, 2015.

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