This year has not started out as I had planned.  As I had willed the universe.  Actually, I had pretty much lectured the sky on New Year’s Eve, that “This year will be better than last year, because last year was quite a colossal suck-fest with some good thrown in.”  (The good was probably a thrown bone to keep me from retreating under covers till the world ends. For that I give thanks.)  ((I say “the universe” because my prayers to God aren’t quite so demanding.  I talk to both.  Pretty much convinced they are the same.  Which makes my logic faulty…Anyway, I digress.))

I presently sit on the couch next to a very sick little dog.  Who spent 19 hours in emergency vet care over the weekend.  Yes, the dog in the snow pictures.  I won’t go into details–she will probably be okay but we are still in that space of  indecision and ups and downs and second guessing. Meh.

So I haven’t gotten time to address my Shmita word on my own yet.  But in the nature of Shmita, it will wait, lie fallow, until the time that I am ready for it and am open to it.

In the meantime, Havi Bell has sparked some new magic with it, magic that will be harvested and used in this season of non-harvesting.

I love her questions and ponderings and answers.

Does it spark joy?







~ by collidescopes on January 7, 2015.

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