Lighted Collage Painting

I have a dark room, and wanted something that gave out a little ambient light and decorated the wall at the same time.

IMG_7044 IMG_7045


I painted the back black so light would not shine through where I didn’t want it.  Then I whitewashed it, and let the colors drip.

IMG_7064 IMG_7067

Then I began cutting into the canvas.

IMG_7066 IMG_7065

This was a lot of trial and error. 🙂

It always is.

IMG_7108 IMG_7109

I wanted it to have two different looks:  one in regular light, and one when it is backlit.  (Upper right corner, above photos.  I cut some shapes out, then covered it with this luscious handmade Nepal paper my friend got me for my birthday.  Can’t see through it with the light out.  Fun secrets!)  I used a string of LED lights attached around the edge on the wooden canvas frame.

IMG_7176 IMG_7191 IMG_7188 IMG_7187

I went through a lot of Exact-o blades!!!  This was done over the course of many days…

IMG_7186 IMG_7185 IMG_7184 IMG_7182 IMG_7181 IMG_7180

Some of the leaves I covered with plain tissue paper, others I covered with textured tissue paper.  I used gel medium to attach everything.

IMG_7179 IMG_7178

I love the results.  I think collage is going to be a part of my work more often!


~ by collidescopes on September 25, 2014.

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