Metal Clay Pendants

IMG_7504 IMG_7506 IMG_7505

Metal clay has many properties of regular clay.  But it dries out extremely quickly.  I tried to form a sea turtle for the fundraiser but struggled with the size and how quickly it began cracking. 😦  I read a tutorial that talked about drawing on Styrofoam so I stole an egg crate from the fridge.  I used that to press the clay into and that worked better, although it is a little primitive looking.  I plan on getting some type of carving stuff to carve my next design.

IMG_7537 IMG_7538

Back from the firing!  They have a white grit across the surface that has to be polished off.

IMG_7539 IMG_7540

A little liver of sulfur…mmmm…smells awful.  Then I sanded off the high spots.

IMG_7541 IMG_7552 IMG_7551 IMG_7549 IMG_7548 IMG_7547 IMG_7542They remind me of old Roman coins.


~ by collidescopes on September 23, 2014.

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