Jewelry: Marriage of Metal, Tree

IMG_7113 IMG_7115 IMG_7114This piece fought me.  The assignment of the class was marriage of metal, meaning two different metals fused together.  I chose copper and silver.  First I hammered in the tree lines with steel wire to make grooves, then filled the grooves with solder.  Then there was a looooottttt of sanding and filing to get down all the extra solder because I am not so good at it.  Then I started cutting out the limbs, mostly because I didn’t like the aesthetics of it yet.  So this really was an experiment.  Then I decided to attach the tree to a reticulated piece of brass I had done previously.  (Reticulated is a process of heating the metal so much that it begins to melt, giving that unique texture.)  Then I was at a reclaimed barn wood place and found this red, rotted piece of wood and attached it!


~ by collidescopes on August 11, 2014.

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