The grouting begins! With all these small pieces, it is pretty difficult to determine how much I will need.  I am using two colors, hence the tape.  These photos are taken over a few days.  I was very optimistic about finishing quickly but the grout had other ideas!




The grout is reasonable cooperative about staying behind the tape lines.  It is also good at blending in too big of gaps between the tiles, etc.  if you use a color that blends in.  If I had done a light color, it would have accentuated the gaps and stood out more.  There are times and places to do this.


The amount of grout I could reasonably handle in  one sitting.  (You have to go back over it and wipe it with a damp sponge and clean it–if it gets too dry on you it is a lot more work.)



There are a few measures I took to help deal with flexing.  This is a wall with a gate, which means movement.  The brick will also heat and cool with temperature, and flex.  I used this product instead of water.  It is meant to help with this.  (One cup C-Cure to three cups grout for my size workload.)  I also made sure my mosaic didn’t actually touch a perpendicular wall.  That way if one presses against the other it won’t pop off my pieces or crack the grout.  I thought the gap would bother me but I don’t really see it much.  Also when grouting or doing any other type of project, make sure you are protecting your lungs, your eyes, your skin…. read those safety rules, people!




And in all the irony, and the agony, this is where I ran out of pewter grey.  25 pounds of grout and I run out HERE???  And they didn’t have the 7 pound boxes, so I had to buy another 25 pound bag!  :/



~ by collidescopes on April 29, 2014.

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