Tips on wrap bracelets

So my friend and I learned a new type of jewelry style.  I am not going to do a full on ‘how to’…there are tons out on the web, just Google dyi wrap bracelet, for about a million hits.  And I will drive you crazy if you are a person that is into, like, measuring and stuff.  Cuz I tend to guess.  And wing it.  And sometimes that backfires.  I would hate for it to backfire on you.  But here is a little bit of wisdom.


Basically picture weaving a figure 8 through the bead with thread on a beading needle, with leather in each figure 8 loop. IMG_5072

Over, under, over, under! IMG_5073

We used embroidery thread.  Make sure you don’t just try to force through pileup like this.  You will end up with a wicked knot.  I found that one skein of embroidery floss worked for a three wrap.  I tried a five wrap and had to add on by tying in, and I didn’t like the knot showing.  😦IMG_5095

Give some wiggle room.  Notice the bracelet on the right has the beads all mashed up–this is from them getting crowded when you actually wrap.  Leave some space. IMG_5096

After making a bunch we found this cool little mom and pop bead shop that actually teach classes in this type of jewelry, and they recommended this instead of embroidery thread.   They also suggested E6000 glue instead of superglue, because superglue gets brittle over time. Oopps.IMG_5148 IMG_5149 IMG_5153

We got a little obsessed!  It is a lot of fun though!  Setup is annoying, but once you get to weaving it is very relaxing! IMG_5155


~ by collidescopes on August 25, 2013.

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