Galaxy shirts

I have seen these lovelies on Pinterest and other places and decided I needed to give it a try.  I consulted a few ‘how to’ blogs and learned a few things, which I will share with you.  Start with a black shirt.  Line the inside with plastic.  (I am working indoors with a tarp because it is hideously hot outside where I live.)


I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but start with a new bottle of bleach.  It loses potency and it doesn’t work after awhile. IMG_4821

The bleach will start to change the shirt rather quickly.  It is a little difficult to tell how much until it is washed, so some of this is a surprise.

After it was washed I actually went back and hit it again. IMG_4823

I used a bleach mixture of about half and half, and then another bottle that “spit” more that was pure bleach.   IMG_4824Soooo, this is where we ran into trouble and had some trial and error.  Several blogs said that acrylic paint worked better and showed truer colors than fabric paint.  BUT we discovered much of it rinsed out in the wash. I tried using the fabric medium you can add to acrylic paint, I found the paint to be too thick and I was afraid if I thinned it with water, it would have the same problem and wash out.   I bought Tulip Fabric spray, first as a small set of colors.  I ended up returning them because after five or six sprays, each clogged.  I bought a larger bottle of just white (the quality of the sprayer looked better, and it was) which had a nice look, but was stiffer than I like for clothing.


Eventually I just sucked it up and bought some fabric paint that advertised to be soft.  We will have to see how they hold up over multiple washes. IMG_4903 IMG_4904 IMG_4905  You can create details with a fan brush. IMG_4828

I dotted some individual stars with the back end of a brush.  I even got glow in the dark  paint for some stars.  Too fun! IMG_4829 IMG_4830 IMG_4831

If you don’t want to use the spray, you can use this tool or a toothbrush to splatter some white. IMG_4832  My friends played with me–here are their shirts!  They were done with the acrylics, though, so the colors are more muted now.  They will have to come back over and repaint with the fabric paint if they want the vivid colors.  (Oh, darn!)  I didn’t get pictures of every shirt, somehow… 😦IMG_4842 IMG_4843 IMG_4844 IMG_4845


~ by collidescopes on July 25, 2013.

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