Altered book update

In this post, I started a project altering a book.  Just thought I would give you an update.  If you recall, I read a book that I loved/hated.  It’s called Hope: a Tragedy, by Shalom Auslander.  I loved the look inside someone’s mind–a mind set on misery and self-destruction and obsessive thoughts and a crazy mom.  I didn’t necessarily love all of the plot elements.  It exaggerates (in some places, a lot…in some places, only a smidge) what I do to myself and ways I make myself miserable.  It taught me a lot.

I am thinking of re-naming the book “How to be Miserable” or something.  Still pondering.

IMG_4799 IMG_4800

I am taking out some of the plot and highlighting the madness. IMG_4801 IMG_4802 IMG_4803 IMG_4804

On some pages I have copied pieces from one passage and inserted others. IMG_4805

IMG_4806I am also doing some collage work, something really new to me.

~ by collidescopes on July 6, 2013.

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