Big Wall Mosaic

More progress on my big mosaic project!  Click on the tag, Mosaic, to see the explanation and other entries on this project.



So I wanted some planters with plants inside, to give the backyard some greens, and add more color.  I am realizing now that I am accumulating the pieces that I need a bit more structure. IMG_0215 I made a template and will build out the rest of what I need. IMG_0219I also got a really good understanding of clay shrinkage.  I guess I assumed most of the shrinking happened in the first firing, since there was all that moisture in the clay, and then the clay is hardened.  But I was testing glazes, as you can see–1 dip, 2 dips, and wiped back, so I traced the pieces so I would know which one was which. Then they were fired a second time.  Look how much smaller they are!



~ by collidescopes on April 28, 2013.

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