My Metalsmith class

I have started a metalsmith/jewelry making class.  Our first assignment is a pierced project, with rivets.  I planned on taking photos and posting the whole process.  But I got into class, got really excited and all into it, and forgot my camera was there. 🙂  Sorry…. So I am making a sea turtle (surprise, surprise…).  I had to anneal the copper, which means heat it to soften it.  Then I pounded it with kind of a rounded hammer to get the texture.  Then I cut out the shapes, and filed the edges.  And filed.  And sanded.  Until they were smooth.

IMG_3490  I am putting a disk of patina-ed copper in between the top shell and the body, which SHOULD be this green, turquoise color.  Which you get by letting it get fumed by really strong ammonia.  The first time I attempted it, I unfortunately got some bad advice from another student (who had taken the course before) and scrubbed it off.  Apparently I was only supposed to rinse.  Not use the brush.  Sigh…IMG_3493So this finish is gone…


So I did it again and apparently there is a small window and if you leave it too long it turns black.  So I have to do the patina again next class.

This is fun!  I will try to remember to take pictures of the rest of the process!  I still have to flame the copper body to deepen the color and add some extra patina, and do the riveting.

~ by collidescopes on February 28, 2013.

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