My New Big Project

So…my backyard is boring.



And brown.  And I kill plants.

My hubby, after we got back from Rome, suggested doing something on the back wall.  So I am starting My New Big Project.  A mosaic.  My plan is to do some of it out of ceramic glazed store-bought tile, and some out of handmade-by-me ceramic pieces.  Today I started the big map.  I had drawn it on paper.


I will use the posts in between sections as Roman columns, and frame it in with white marble so it looks like you are looking out into a garden.  I want to sculpt part of a marble figure, like the head, part of her dress, and her hands holding a bowl.  The rest will be flat marble tile.


I will sculpt the wooden part of the trees, and flat green tile the leaves.   I want to make some clay birds and flowers, too.IMG_3462 The vases will be sculpted.  I haven’t decided if I will sculpt the foliage in them, or do them out of the flat tile.  Lots to do, so I am waiting to see what inspires me!

I traced the trees and I will cut one of them out, so I can do the sizes appropriately.  Then the one that isn’t cut out will be my template so I can put it back together later!


Should be interesting!


~ by collidescopes on February 3, 2013.

2 Responses to “My New Big Project”

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