Sea Turtle Babies

3268A nest excavation in South Carolina–72 hours after a nest boils, certified people dig up the nest looking for any babies that didn’t leave with the group.  Many times it is because they are still flattening out, after being rolled into a ball in the ping-pong shaped nest for 45 to 60 days!


The condensation temporarily killed my camera.  Gotta be careful out in the elements… 3281

3278  3284


This little guy is still absorbing the last of his egg yolk.  He needs all that energy to swim the 24-48 hours out to the floating weed bed in the deep ocean currents. 3292



Only 6 people in this area are trained to touch the nests or the turtles–they are protected!  But if one touches your foot, that’s ok…in fact, it is amazing…







~ by collidescopes on January 3, 2013.

One Response to “Sea Turtle Babies”

  1. We would love to post the picture with the bucket letting the turtles go at toemail if you do not mind? Anywhere in particular in South Carolina?

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