Word of the Year

New Year’s resolutions have always fascinated and repelled me.  I am an ‘all or nothing’ type, so my general pattern was resolve to change myself and the world and then give up on day four when it became obvious the plan was flawed and doomed to fail.  Then, after a sufficient period of self-loathing and lament, I was free to return to my former, unevolved self until the calendar rolled around again.

The concept of the word of the year has been floating around for a while.  I did it last year–my words were Here and Now.  They served me well, and still will.  I find words of the year provide structure, like a New Year’s resolution, without the attempt to stuff myself into some box.  If I choose to make a goal, I make a goal on the day I make the goal.  It isn’t forced into a ritual of some night, some calendar turning event, that if I fail at, somehow makes it “too late” until another year has rolled by and I can attempt it again.  It also keeps me from making fifteen goals at once, and then failing.

So I have been chewing on a word.  It isn’t a very pretty word, like some you see over on Quinncreative’s blog,  in the comment section, where people are throwing around beautiful words like ‘harmony’.  But the purpose isn’t to be able to delight in how gorgeous your word is–it is to enable you to travel this year with something better than you had last year.  Another tool in the toolbox.  Another step on the ladder towards the light.  And there are no hard and fast rules here.  If I find this word doesn’t suite me, I can add another or change it altogether.  I’m not married to it.

The word is Enough.  I thought of fancier versions, like Sufficient, but it isn’t as ‘multi-use’ as Enough is.  Enough has many applications.

Although, Enough can be as in Sufficient.  Enough can go upwards, as in God’s Grace Is Enough.  That no matter what I do, how I feel, what I think…His grace and love and beauty are overwhelmingly enough for me in whatever situation I am in.

Enough can go inwards, as in I Am Enough.  (I feel I must reference i am enough blog here, as it is brilliant and reminds me with every post.)  My efforts as wife, friend, daughter, sister, artist and human are enough.  I don’t have to strive and claw and fight and clench and storm walls and conquer in order to live.  In fact, it is counter-productive.  The best ‘me-ness’ comes from a calm, accepting place where I can observe and respond with love and openness.  Everything else is just a battle.

Enough can be about possessions, or experiences, or attributes.  What I have is enough.

Enough can go outwards, as in They Are Enough.  There are people and relationships that I participate in, where I long for more.  More closeness, more sharing, more connection.  And I have tried, with different approaches, without success.  Some are held at a distance because they are not safe, or because they don’t want to or can’t.  Some are distant because…honestly, I don’t know why they are distant.  Even though it ‘should’ be a certain way, it is not.   I am not always an easy person to understand or relate to, maybe it’s me.  I have trampled on some relationships and made amends, but they will never be ‘the same’.  I find the time I spend with them to be filled with yearning, instead of presence.  Wishing instead of enjoyment.  Irritation instead of peace.  You know what?  It’s time to decide, enough.  They are enough.  This is enough.  We have allowed this much interaction, this much connection, this much sharing.  If that is all I ever get, it is enough.  Be here, now, and enjoy what I have.  And give myself permission to seek other relationships to fill the gaps.

Enough can be as in Let It Be.  Which kind of correlates with the above paragraph, but extends further.  Enough already.  Let it go.  There are many things out there, in here, that can’t be changed.  Accept them.  Enough.

Enough can be The Line in the Sand.  Enough can be the word for the year that stops something dead in its tracks.  A habit that no longer serves me.  A boundary that needs to be put up, or inforced, or reinforced for the hundredth time.  A line of thinking that is detrimental to my mental health.  It is permission to be through.  For it to be over.  ENOUGH!

Along that same thread, Enough can be Calling a Truce.  It can say, “Let’s not act the way we have acted before.  Let’s find a better way.”

Enough can be a gentle way to self-regulate, without shame.  I have eaten enough, drank enough, watched enough t.v.   A way to notice and stop without the mental beating.

So Enough is my word this year.  I am happy with it.  I will calligraphy it in order to make it prettier, but I think it is okay that it is not.  It is a useful word.  And that is enough.

IMG_3426I encourage you to find your own word for 2013!





~ by collidescopes on December 31, 2012.

10 Responses to “Word of the Year”

  1. Last year my word was “suffering,” based on the idea that we cause our own suffering by attachment. It was a wonderful learning experience. Not every word has to be soft and sweet–just the ones you plan on eating.

    • Thank you for introducing me to this idea! It has served me well. And good point on every word not needing to be beautiful.

  2. This puts me in a contemplative mood, and that is a good thing, when is trying too hard to . . . (fill in the blank) too much and should be just enough to satisfy my need to be or ‘do’. Thanks, Staci. {{hugs}}

  3. BEAUTIFUL. Brilliant. Inspiring…. Hmmmmm… Thinking of my own word for the year…. “Calm” and “Breathe” just keep coming to mind. Hmmmmmmm…..

  4. I have been thinking on this for the past few days. So many things running through my crazy mind……. Last year was a lot of jumping off and into new things. This year I need to push my way thru things. Further my drive, so I think that’s the direction this is leading for me. Drive and Push On. Not always in a hurry, but sometimes slow and steady.

    • I like the thought process but I am wondering about the negative connotation to ‘drive’. Seems forceful and unrelenting. What about ‘Momentum’? Obviously the word needs to work for you. Also there is the Japanese word Kaizen, which I have heard translated to ‘small steps of continuous improvement’. I have always liked that word.
      In the end, it needs to be yours, so if Drive and Push on work for you, awesome! 🙂 It would stress me out. ha ha

  5. […] the idea is to pick a word or phrase that is kind of the theme for that year.  I have used Enough, and Here and Now,  and they served me […]

  6. […] for the year that may guide me into a different kind of living.)  I have used Here and Now, and Enough, and Shmita as a few […]

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