Acrylics: Superstition Mountains

I had started this painting at home, but I was running in to two problems.  One, my references were not big enough to show detail for a 24 by 48 inch canvas.  And, I would mix colors, and they would begin to dry before I could cover that much space.  So I went outside and stared at the mountain.  And I did all the underglaze work in black and white.



Once I got that laid in, I could glaze color over it.


By then I was tired and ready to get out of there.  I took it home, tweaked the colors and add the foreground in a later session.


I haven’t worked ‘en plein air’ before, really.  It was a good experience, for the most part.  I’d have to get a little travel easel if I was going to be anywhere but right beside my truck.  I think I will try that again soon!  Arizona weather is perfect for it right now!

~ by collidescopes on December 25, 2012.

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