1000 Journals Project

Recently I got the opportunity to see 15 journals from the 1000 Journals Project, when it visited the Scottsdale Civic Library.  I have blogged about the project in the past (scroll past the Bible portion and it goes into the journal project).  I am still thoroughly in love with the concept, the book and the documentary (see trailer here).   If you haven’t heard of it before, someguy (the artist) passed out 1000 blank journals that travelled the world, for the purpose of gathering people’s responses.   On the website you can see scans that have come in, order the book (which contains some of the work and stories) and order the DVD by Andrea Kreuzhage.  All brilliant, and highly recommended by me. 🙂

The library also launched its own 100 journals project, which has been a neat side effect to someguy’s original one.  People are picking up the idea and making their own.  I myself have started two different travelling books with friends of mine.

I went twice–once with some friends and then once on my own.  I read through each one, and photographed anything that caught my eye.  Originally I thought I would blog a few at a time, but upon careful consideration I came to realize part of the projects impact is in its overwhelming collaborative force–and you only get that full effect seeing it all at once.  So, here are a lot of photos of an amazing project.  Today I will give you what I got from the 1000 journals pages, literally shooting til my battery died.  Scottsdale library is doing me a great service by mailing some of the 100 journals so that I can pass them along.  I will post photos from them in a later blog entry.

Oh, and I emailed someguy and got his permission to post these, and I thank him for allowing me to share!  And, just so you know, the library built these tables and chairs specifically for this exhibit and encouraged visitors to write on them.

Click on the photos for a closer look!

 My friend Andie’s work!

My piece!

The portrait my friend drew of me!

 This one had a little envelope with more inside!

 My on the spot contribution–a phoenix from the Phoenix area!

This is a page that I can’t explain–you really have to see the documentary to grasp the full significance of it.  It started a whole lively discussion at the Phoenix art museum during the Q & A with Andrea.  Is part of the project being allowed to alter someone else’s work?  There were many opinions and emotions that went along with it.

There were many notes of encouragement, which I found to be very touching.

I kind of feel like providing colored pencils without supervision was a bad idea.  There would be others that would argue that that is part of the nature of the project.

On the table.

Part of the wall display.

A mini book inside the book!

I felt the need to apologize for all the damage caused.

Another piece you wouldn’t appreciate without seeing the documentary.  Her thoughts were touching, especially if you knew the reason she was writing what she did.


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6 Responses to “1000 Journals Project”

  1. As composer of the film’s soundtrack, I’m very pleased to see continuing popularity in the project. I contributed to Journal 973, and my wife, #987.

    • I found the music to be compelling, and I am so glad you visited this blog entry! Thank you for your contribution to the project. Staci

  2. I’ve heard of this 1000 Journals Project and have really been inspired by it’s message. This post about it just makes the inspiration even more powerful. I wish with all my heart that I could contribute to this, but as of yet I have not ran into one of these journals. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • It was my pleasure. I think the project is brilliant, and am deeply inspired by it myself!

    • Since the mid-1990’s, Tim Girvin, a Seattle-based designer, has been keeping journals of his thoughts, sketches, poetry, and observations. My web magazine, TheScreamOnline, features two journals which beautifully exemplify the multi-talents of this philosopher, artist, designer, and calligrapher: http://www.thescreamonline.com/art/art5-1/girvin

      • I haven’t had much time to thoroughly explore his work, but what I have seen is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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