Featured Anniversary Music: Ani DeFranco

22 years ago, in the hottest week of Arizona history to date, one month shy of my 19th birthday, I said “I do”.  It hasn’t been an easy road…a lot of bumps and bruises and wrong turns.  But can I just say, WOW!!!?!  All those wrong turns brought us HERE.  And HERE is really, really cool.  How amazing is it to look over at him and know that he is my soul mate, my best friend, my champion, my dreamy…….oh, whoops I think I have overdone the cheesy now….forgive me.

A little song for the day.  The line about the baby doesn’t fit, but Ani DeFranco does the rest of it brilliantly.  Keeping the wolves outside the door.  And I believe it is true–when we’re pushing up daisies,  my crush will just be getting worse.

I love you.



~ by collidescopes on June 23, 2012.

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