Egypt: St. Katherine’s Manuscripts cont.

Scene:  Saint Katherine’s Monastery, Mt. Sinai, Egypt.  A monk reaches into a stack of books, selects a modest looking text, and smiles.  “The museums keep requesting this one, but it is too fragile to travel.”  And he opens it to share its beauty.

Here I will beg you some indulgences.  The photos aren’t the best– the lighting dim, someone held a flashlight.  Another indulgence–I could not pare these down.  Each photo feels so precious and ancient and amazing to me that if it was remotely focused, I couldn’t exclude it.  I trust if this doesn’t interest you, you will just click to something that does. 🙂 And I am horrified at how little I remember of his commentary on each book–I think I was in such a visual place between being the photographer and the artist, and so overwhelmed by what was being displayed before me.  I am not even positive I have labelled everything correctly.  I am just so grateful I got to be there!

This is the Homilies of St. Gregory, from the year 1150.

Can you imagine the size of the artist’s brush, to get these details?

I am still floored at the sizing of this work, compared to Father Justin’s thumb.

The ancient gold still gleams.

I cannot comprehend all the lives this book has touched, the hands it has passed through that have been dead and buried for hundreds of years, of what experiences it has weathered.  What a priceless work of art!

More to come.


~ by collidescopes on June 2, 2012.

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