Boro Glass Pendants

Recently the Mesa Arts Center put on classes in boro glass.  I had the chance to participate.

There were two classes, and they were described on the website.  The first class:  Learn to manipulate borosilicate glass rods into basic pendant shapes and create proper loops.  Then there was a break, and the second class was to teach us how to use color rods to add surface designs to pendants.

This is the instructor’s work. 

This was my first experience with this kind of glass work.  Jerilyn showed us how to turn on the flame, and melt the end of the glass into a ball.  Then she took the tool and flattened it while it was glowing hot.

Then she showed us how to put the loop on.

Then it was our turn!

It was unnerving at first, the flame shooting out like that.  But it was fascinating to feel the glass give as it melted. 

The second class she demonstrated different color techniques.  This one we all required a little more hands on help.

Into the kiln!  Here are my finished pieces.

I did two with the loop created by a pincer type tool, and two with the loop made out of a rolled over bit of glass.  Harder than it looks!  I left a long neck on one…I think I may wire wrap it later.

Then I played.  Jerilyn suggested leaving the glass rod on it and turning it into a drink stirrer!

The color piece was really interesting to learn the technique behind it.  The orbs inside are little dots of glass that get stretched as the marble is created. 

I plan on working in this media again.  I would like to try some little sculptures.


~ by collidescopes on April 16, 2012.

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