Egypt: Climbing Mt. Sinai

Passover, 2010

Today I walked in the footsteps of tradition.  A 3:30 am wake-up call, getting ready in the sleepy dark.  Navigating by the moonlight.

Most choose to start the 4.3 mile trek at 1 am, but I am travelling with hikers and conquering adventurers, who didn’t think it would take them that long.  It turned out to be perfect, as we avoided the hundreds of Greek Orthodox worshippers that start their pilgrimage here and end it on Easter morning in Israel.   We walked mostly in silence–partly out of our own groggy moods and partly because of the feel of the place.  There was a reverence, a peace, a calm…it seemed right to just hear the crunch of gravel under our feet as we passed the dark monastery at St. Catherines. 

We viewed the sunrise on the lower tier, alone.  We could faintly hear the pilgims’ song rise over the cliff face as they greeted the dawn.

Friendly calls of “Camel, good price, good price!  750 steps!” serenaded us as well.  I had read about the steps we were to face around the bend, the last leg of the journey up the mountain.  We could handle it.




This photo shows quite vividly how blue the sky was out there.  It was brilliant.


And here I stand, where tradition claims Moses heard the voice of God, and received the law.  It was a good spot, even if no one can prove the validity of the claim.  Grand vistas, enveloping silence, a sense of awe. 

A small building at the top.



Graffiti from times gone by.


You never know who you will meet on the trail!



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