Egypt: Church of Garbage City, of St. Simeon

If you make your way through Garbage City, navigate up the twisted streets littered with Cairo’s trash, you will find an amazing sight.

Every week, the Zabaleen make their way up to the carved cliffs to worship.


This isn’t an ancient church, but still a marvel.  The Biblical scenes are stunning.  And it is carved right into the side of the mountain.


The Church of St. Simeon the Tanner has scenes describing a 10th century ascetic who was originally a Tanner but looked after a woman lustfully and gouged out his own eyes.  He then began delivering water, serving in a humble manner. 

A great leader came to the head of the church at the time with this challenge: “According to Matthew 17:20 “If ye have faith as a grain of a mustard seed, ye shall say to this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place…”   So pray and move the mountains behind us if your faith is true.”  The head of the church prayed and God, in order to keep humility intact, sent him to Simeon and had him pray.  On the specified day, everyone gathered and prayed, and the mountain moved!  Our guide said even non-Christian sources say the mountain moved, but credited an earthquake.   

Scenes showing the sunrise and the mountain overhead grace many of the walls.


More images to come…



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  1. So awesome!

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