Photo Series: North Rim, Grand Canyon

I have seen things so beautiful, to conjure up their memory actually causes my bones to ache.  I can capture a moment, a three-minute window, where a rainbow graces the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.   I adore my camera, and the freedom I have in my life to climb rocks and poke around forests.

That is what I love about photography…it can store it away in my memory and I can share it with others.  I can steal it, in a way.  A split second before the sun sets completely.  I can grab a representation before it slips away forever.

It’s also what I hate about photography.  I can’t tell you how…unsatisfying these images are to me, sometimes.  They are flat, pixellated, cheapened replicas that cannot, for any real and authentic purposes, really represent what it was like, to feel the breeze in my hair, to smell the scent of pine, to feel the pitch of my stomach as I leaned over the edge.

When you look at my photography, you see my interpretation and where my attention was grabbed.   You may not experience it otherwise.  But it also edits out for you, what you might have seen, that I didn’t.  I guess one of my hopes is that my images encourage others to explore these places for themselves.  And if you can’t, I hope these images will bring you into that world enough to enjoy them.


~ by collidescopes on September 19, 2011.

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