The stats say I am coming up on my 500th blog post.  Wow.  Not that those numbers show that I am especially talented or wise or brilliant, but that five hundred times I had the guts to hit ‘publish’.  Five hundred times I was faithful to show up to the page and say something.  Five hundred times I shared some piece of me in the form of art or photography.  Five hundred times I reached out.

I thought I would pause here a moment, and say thank you for showing up here.  I know your time is valuable.  And I appreciate you.

Did you know I think about you, personally?  I have no idea, of course, the realities in your life.  But I see the stats and know they represent real people—and sometimes that is hard to remember in Computerland.  I feel a similar connection to you, I imagine, that Chris Rice sings about in his song, The Other Side of the Radio.  (I will give the nod that his audience is much bigger, but still.)  I do think about you. I wonder what you are doing, what your circumstances are, why you come here. I pray for you sometimes. 

I don’t know how you found me—maybe a google search for murals, or following a link trail from one of my friends.  I guess it doesn’t matter.  Welcome.  If you visit often, I’m happy you come back.  I’m not sure why you do—what makes what I post something you want to see?  I guess some days you probably drop by because you are bored at work.  Maybe another day, because you are weary, or feeling uninspired and you hope to see something here that strikes a spark.  Perhaps you want to be part of a larger, creating community. Perhaps you are planning a trip to somewhere I have been.  I imagine on occasion you might come here because you are in a crisis, and hopefully timing is right and I give you some encouragement.  Maybe you show up on your birthday, wondering if I have an image for you that celebrates life and nods to your uniqueness. 

I hope this blog encourages you.  I pray it is timely for you, right where you are.  I want it to be a place that encompasses what Collidescopes has come to represent to me—a collision of life:  beauty and color and play and learning and growing.  It’s isn’t always pretty, though.  There is another reason for the name.  Sometimes collisions hurt, things break, fall to pieces…but when they are turned into Collidescopes you can see the beauty in the fragments.

Thanks for joining me.


~ by collidescopes on March 31, 2011.

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