Mural: Bird store window



I was told that this paint could be removed two ways…with a razor blade, or with a brick thrown through the window.  🙂  It was kind of like painting with toothpaste.  And, roughly fifteen years later, the color is still pretty good, although the sheen is gone.  Not bad in the desert sun!

I had to come back and scrape this poor little guy off.  Customers insisted the store should be selling iguanas if they had one on the window.  Harumph!

Then the store changed hands and name, so I had to come up with a creative solution to the big gaping hole where the lettering used to be… (I couldn’t just ‘fill it in’ because the old paint had been effected over time.)

The iguana replacement.

And that is the last of the bird store.  220 hours of work.  Alas, all that is left are these windows.  The interior of the store is now white.  It was on this job I learned the lesson that these walls I paint, aren’t mine.  I don’t get to control what happens after I leave.  The store has changed hands at least twice, and the owners are free to do with it whatever they wish.   NOT a pain-free lesson, but a worthwhile one.  It has served me well over the years, when decorated walls get torn down in remodelling projects, new owners come in and tear up mosaics, and clients lose offices to foreclosure.  All of which really happened.

Such is the life of a mural painter.


~ by collidescopes on March 13, 2011.

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