A unicorn, and 27 cats

Probably my favorite title for a blog post, ever. 

My husband has a teasing term for some of my projects.  He calls them unicorns.  Meaning, “I hear of this thing, sometimes I see little glimpses of what could possibly be maybe a bit or a piece of the thing, there are rumors…but nothing ever materializes.”

Harumph.  Not my favorite term, however accurate.  So I have been working on some unicorns lately.

Unicorn Number One: 27 Cats.  I lived with a lovely couple for awhile that were cat people.  While I was there they had six.  We talked on and off about painting a collage of all their past cats, and it became a fabled unicorn.  Until now.

This took some research.  Some were faded old photos.  Some were memories described in emails and supplemented with examples on Google Image.  Just laying out such a large project took some doing.

And, this was originally entitled 25 Cats, so some were added after the painting was started.  Luckily I could make more room! Note the top left corner cat conveniently has his face covered!

A fine assortment of felines, if I do say so myself.

More Unicorns to come!


~ by collidescopes on February 13, 2011.

One Response to “A unicorn, and 27 cats”

  1. I love the history behind this. A collage this size must have been very challenging! You pulled it off purrrrfectly! 😉

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