Guest Post: Personal Psalm

Beautifully written.  Original seen here, at Nut House Chatter:

My Personal Psalm

I wrote this personal psalm a year ago and ran across it just recently. I had been reading through the Psalms and felt led to write one of my own as a personal prayer and song to God from my own experience.

My Personal Psalm
(February 12, 2010)

LORD, I cannot conquer the beast of sin within me.
I watch it leap out and tear at the ones I love.
I know it must be tamed and yet sometimes
the thrill of the kill stops me from taming it.
My soul cries out in horror and I am filled with shame.

Each burst of anger, every oath and curse is sin.
Every moment of envy, hatred, bitterness and resentment
A battle of rebellion against You.
Every selfish, greedy, deceitful deed
A consuming blemish that turns you away
From my wicked heart.

These moments; no, hours; no, YEARS! of hate and anger
I cannot hide any longer.
The resentment, lies, bitterness, rage, abuse, cursing and wounding.
O God! They are all mine.
I have left a wake of pain behind me,
Loved ones caught with me in my sinful snare.

You, O LORD, are the merciful and gracious God.
You are slow to anger and rich in unfailing love and faithfulness.
You show your unfailing love to all
by forgiving every kind of sin and rebellion
To all who turn to you.

O merciful and loving God! Forgive my sins!
Separate them from me and run them out of sight.
So that I may approach you and fall at your feet.
O God, I trust in your forgiveness, though I cannot understand it.
I cannot make it, I cannot grasp it fully but I trust in You.
I trust in You and in Your Word and Your holy consistency and promises.


~ by collidescopes on February 8, 2011.

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